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5 reasons why you should be offering Dermaplaning

By Emma Cross, owner of Ema’s House of Beauty

As a skincare expert, I regularly get asked about Dermaplaning – what it is, what the benefits are and who is it most suited for. Dermaplaning is an incredible treatment and I’m here to tell you why you should try it!

1. It’s an INCREDIBLE way to exfoliate
Dermaplaning is a facial carried out that starts by thoroughly cleansing and prepping the skin ready for treatment. During the treatment we use a specialised blade to deeply exfoliate the skin as well as removing any peach fuzz from the skin.

2. It increases absorption of your Skincare Products
As a result of the thorough exfoliation, your skin becomes more open to absorbing your skincare products – allowing them to penetrate into the skin deeper and get to work more intensely – which results in your skin appearing more hydrated, radiant and smoother.

3. It can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and acne scarring.
Demaplaning treatment promotes the rejuvenation of skin and therefore, if carried out on a regular basis, it can support the reduction of acne scarring, fine lines and other surface imperfections as it creates a smoother surface to the skin.

4. You can partner it with LED treatment to maximise results
In addition to your regular Dermaplaning treatments, you may be able to add LED therapy to maximise your results. However, this will always be recommended under expert guidance and monitored closely to ensure this is suitable for your skin type.

5. There is little to no recovery time & is PAIN FREE
Dermaplaning is completely pain free, relaxing and a treatment your skin will truly thank you for. The other great news is downtime following treatment is minimal! You will notice some erythema (reddening) of the skin due to the fact we are removing the top layers of the skin, however this should disappear within 24-48hours.

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